Mava Troca 58" DC Inverter Fan

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MAVA TROCA, The original product of this 8 blades design.

Powerful DC motor that guarantee you durability (10 years warranty) and power. TROCA are the first of it’s kind and are purely quality on its every aspect. This design are created first and originally by MAVA FAN. Troca had been in the market for many years and it had given many users best wind ever and peace of mind. Our products is so well build that others tries to mimic/copy it but still couldn’t reach up to its standard. Best motor, Best blade material, Best blade curve angle, Best wind velocity & Best wind coverage.

Dc fan are up to 70% more energy efficient when compared to an AC fan. Our Troca promote large amount of airflow with minimal noise. Troca also lower your energy costs and help you save money in long run. It can lower your energy consumption by up 70%. In that sense, it’s also environment friendly as it reduces the household’s carbon footprint.

Troca provides functional illumination. You no longer need to put additional lights in a room. On its own, it can already light up a room. Although Troca doesn’t change the room temperature, the air movement makes you feel cooler.

It prevents the stuffiness to set in so you can raise the thermostat and still feel comfortable. The breeze created by the fan help in speeding up the natural evaporation of perspiration on the skin. This makes our natural cooling mechanism even more efficient. Troca measurement is 58 inch so it is suitable for large living, dining, hotel and places.

- DC Motor with Silent Operation
- Strong Airflow
- 8 Anti-rust ABS Blades
- Remote Control with 5 Speeds Forward/Reverse
- High Performance with Maximum Energy Saving
- Led Lighting with 3 Colours Selection (Cool Daylight, Cool White, Warm White)

Fan Width: 58 INCH
Number Of Blades: 8
Blade Materials: ACRYLIC (ABS)
Speed Available: 5
Timer: 1/2/4/8 HRS
Reverse: NO
Type Of Control: REMOTE (RF)
Type Of Motor: DC
Voltage: 240V / 50HZ
Wattage: 46 WATT
Light: YES

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